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Extended Hours on Fridays

Come April 1st, the library will be opened until 6pm instead of 5:30 on Fridays. Yep, you heard it correctly no April foolin' at all! Visit on Fridays betwen 9:00 am to 6:00pm. Time change will take effect begninnig April 1st for future Fridays.

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Device Advice Tech Blog: Tips for Smartphone owners


Welcome to this week's debut Tech Blog. Periodically check back as we will feature useful information and tips for all things tech based. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more updates throughout the week.

Often in teaching classes and helping patrons, the topic of Smartphone tips is bound to come up. How can my phone do this, do that, save this, or have this? The most common topic, however, is battery life. What was an old rule of thumb - closing applications to conserve battery - has been debunked! Wired helped shed some light on why this is actually a hindrance to your battery life. Logic is that it takes the phone extra battery power to kill the app than it would if you just left it alone.

For our eBook readers, another question comes up regarding memory. Users with older model phones will often find themselves in a situation where they cannot checkout an eBook due to low memory. Instead of cursing outdated technology, look at ways to reduce memory by using Cloud storage. Syncing photos to Cloud storage can allow you to delete photos from your device, freeing up memory. Set up automatic backup of photos or use apps such as Flickr or Dropbox to conserve space on your device's hard-memory.

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