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Flick Picks 5/9/2016: Joy, Veep Season Four, The '85 Bears

A seemingly quiet week in DVD releases.  And yet, we do cover a good bit of ground.  We have joy, we have darkness.  We have the first film from one of America's best (if little-known) directors.  We have series of all kinds of series.  All of that, and...Da Bears.  




Feature Films

River of Grass  Kelly Reichardt  Joy  Jennifer Lawrence  David O. Russell  Christopher Plummer


Flick Picks 4/29/2016: The Revenant, The Lady in the Van, Son of Saul

Of course, we love film here at Flick Picks.  But the Academy Awards - not so much.  Sure, it's interesting to see what everyone's wearing and all that.  But when it comes to the supposed recognition of the year's best in might be better left to group of senile hamsters.  Actually, that may not be far from reality.  And yet, and yet...the Academy got things tolerably right this year.  Hard to quarrel with the Best Picture Oscar going to Tom McCarthy's Spotlight.  

Recent DVD releases  are highlighted by a couple of other winners at this year's Academy Awards, The Revenant and Son of Saul.   

The Revenant  The Lady in the Van  Son of Saul  Academy Awards


Flick Picks 3/29/2016: The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2, James White, Manhattan Season 2

So DVD watchers, would you like green pill or the red pill?  Fans of The Matrix will know exactly what we're talking about.  However, if you're shaking your head in confusion, we speak of a decision between fantasy and reality.  Heading the new releases on DVD, we have strong film examples of both extremes.  Representing fantasy, there is the fourth (and final) Hunger Games film, Mockingjay Part 2.  Holding the banner for reality, is and a well-reviewed but little-seen indie film called James White.  Unlike Neo in The Matrix, you can actually choose both.  As usual, we have many other options as well. 



Feature Films

Manhattan Season 2  James White  Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2


Flick Picks 3/23/2016: The Big Short, Carol, Game of Thrones Season 5

Two prominent 2015 features highlight this rich, early spring (use your imagination, people of the Midwest) batch of DVD releases.  From the global economic collapse to forbidden love.  From high satire to broad comedy.  From a series about perilous moments in the 1980's to a remembrance of the Thin White Duke.  If Bitter Rice is too bitter, chase it with That Sugar Film.  If spring is a little too theoretical for you at this point, insert those Game of Thrones discs and hunker down until warmer weather arrives to stay.  


Feature Films

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt  The Big Short  Game of Thrones Season 5  Deutschland83  Carol  Bitter Rice


Flick Picks 3/10/2016: Creed, Room, The Night Before

A major batch of new releases before Flick Picks goes on a brief hiatus.  We'll be back on March 24.  In the meantime, a passel of new feature films, a couple of which figured in Academy Awards competition.  And we must say, Oscar did alright this year:  Best Original Script and Best Picture for Spotlight; Best director to Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (for The Revenant, coming this spring); Best Documentary Feature to Amy; Best Foreign Language Film to Son of Saul (also coming this spring). 



Feature Films

The Night Before  Room  Jafar Panahi's Taxi  Jafar Panahi  Creed


Flick Picks 2/26/2016: Spotlight, Fargo Season Two

On the verge of the Academy Awards, this week's new releases on DVD are highlighted by one of the contenders for Best Picture.  And a very worthy contender Spotlight is.  With new series, it's a matter of the darkly comic and the just plain dark.  Never fear, Sarah Silverman is here!  And you probably know how funny she is.  Well, actually,...Ms. Silverman plays it very straight as a troubled wife and mother in I Smile Back, a performance that has won the comedienne considerable acclaim.  Quality we have this week.  Laughs, not so much.  If you need a little escapist fun, there's always the red carpet at the Oscars....         


Feature Films

Wayward Pines Season One  Tom McCarthy  Spotlight  Fargo Season Two


Flick Picks 2/18/2016


New releases on DVD this week are led by some formidable characters - a crime boss, a grandmother...and that Apple guy.  To contrast that age and hard-won life experience, we have a couple of recent French films more concerned with coming of age.  Among the new arrivals in series DVDs is season three of the popular Silk.



Tu Dors Nicole  Trumbo  Steve Jobs  Grandma  Breathe  Black Mass


Flick Picks 2/9/2016: Bridge of Spies, Spectre, Suffragette

You want blockbusters?  We've got blockbusters.  Something smaller, more character-driven?  Maybe  a good indie film?  We've got those too.  And as the mercury settles to a more typical winter level, you might want to check out out a good series and hold out until spring...or at least until we see the right side of the freezing mark.



Feature Films

Suffragette  Spectre  Show Me a Hero  Mercy Street  Bridge of Spies


Flick Picks 2/1/2016: Everest, Diary of a Teenage Girl, Downton Abbey Season 6

Appropriate to a "leap" February, bulging with an extra day, we begin the month with a DVD roundup that offers dispatches from all corners of the world and the human spirit.  And good,  distracting t.v. series and films - we have those too.  

Feature Films


Straight Outta Compton  Everest  Downton Abbey  Diary of a Teenage Girl


Flick Picks 1/20/2016: The Martian, The Intern, Learning to Drive

This January roundup of Flick Picks offers you the world.  Multiple worlds in fact.  We have any Oscar favorite and at least a couple of Oscar snubs.  Patricia Clarkson wants to learn to drive.  Matt Damon just wants to get home.  Martin Freeman sports a funny mustache, while Mark Ruffalo really needs to stay on his meds.  Read on.


Feature Films


Uncle John  The Martian  The Intern  The American Friend  Learning to Drive  John Ashton  Infinitely Polar Bear